RVD Continues To Rip On Smaller Wrestlers Stealing His Moves

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RVD is 48 years old and he’s seen a lot in pro wrestling as the industry continually evolves. He’s also not keeping quite about what he thinks anymore.

The former WWE Champion tweeted out his views on how 170 pound guys who look like they punch a clock at Walmart have taken over pro wrestling. He isn’t a huge fan of some of the styles that are ripping him off either.

Then one fan replied back to the Whole F’n Show by saying that RVD forgot about his own career. After all, RVD was often thought of as a smaller competitor.

At 235 lbs I used to be considered one of the smaller guys and came up with my style to compensate. Now I stand a head above most wrestlers and they all do the style I came up with. What am I forgetting here, I don’t know…Justin Appropriate?

RVD is currently wrestling for Impact Wrestling. It’s unknown how long he will continue to wrestle there, but it’s also likely that there could be some spirited conversations to follow him for a long time as long as he’s up for a debate.

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