Vince McMahon doesn’t have to check with anybody before he makes a declaration in WWE. It is his company and he is the final decision maker. Being in this position could cause comparisons to lots of things from a king to the leader of an army. Ryback likens Vince McMahon to a pimp.

During Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback discussed Seth Rollins’ current spot in the company. He said after Rollins kept bringing up possible CM Punk match at WrestleMania that might cause Vince McMahon to lose interest in him. After all, that match isn’t happening and McMahon was furious at Rollins for bringing up CM Punk during his big locker room address.

Ryback explained that Vince McMahon is “like a pump who is done with his whore.” He’s witnessed Vince move on many times and it might happen to Rollins as well.

“This could be a way for WWE and Vince McMahon to downgrade Seth Rollins a little bit here. I think you may see him taking some L’s a little more often because once Vince McMahon sours on you, and I saw the thing with the Humberto [Carrillo] guy. It’s like a pimp who is done with his whore. Vince McMahon is done with him.”


“He had his way with him for a few weeks and it’s like, oh, he’s done. The saying is that Vince is done with Humberto, of course, he is, he does it all the time. He gets a little toy, plays with it for a few weeks and then he comes up with a crazy reason about Humberto not getting over. There is always a reason for it, so yeah, Vince can be done with Seth as far as keeping him protected in the golden circle.”

Ryback doesn’t seem interested in making a WWE return, but he certainly witnessed enough backstage to have a good idea of how things run. He also has some good friends who are still WWE Superstars so he keeps in touch. We might never see the WrestleMania match between Rollins and Punk like we might want, but Vince McMahon has plenty of options.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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