Daniel Bryan Pushed To Hold Off On WWE Universal Title Match

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Bray Wyatt is the WWE Universal Champion, but it doesn’t appear that he will be defending his title at TLC. Wyatt will be facing The Miz, and that might be a totally different experience than we’re used to since the Firefly Fun House started.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that the original idea for WWE TLC was for Daniel Bryan to get another Universal Title shot. This was not something that he wanted so soon so Bryan pulled to have the match held back.

“Originally it was gonna be Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan — Daniel Bryan himself was actually pushing to delay it. He thought this pay-per-view was too soon and he I guess is pretty hands-on with his story which if I was him I would be too because I wouldn’t want these people messing with my stories. So it’s gonna be The Miz.”

The Fiend isn’t wrestling The Miz at TLC, but Bray Wyatt is. The match also doesn’t appear to be for the Universal Title. We’ll have to see if Daniel Bryan shows up at WWE TLC with a new look. The last time we saw him it appeared that The Fiend was giving him a forced haircut.

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