The Fiend Doesn’t Appear To Be Wrestling At WWE TLC

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Bray Wyatt is a very complex individual. Nyla Rose couldn’t even explain him to her mother. Now it seems like we could see Wyatt wrestle as himself for the first time since his return.

The Miz and Bray Wyatt have a feud now seemingly out of nowhere. Wyatt made mention about how Daniel Bryan could be with The Fiend. Then he wanted The Miz to play with him.

The Miz tried to resist a match against Wyatt, but then Bray brought The Miz’s family into it. It didn’t take long for this match to be made official. A very interesting thing to note is that it says Bray Wyatt will be facing The Miz at TLC instead of The Fiend.

This could always be something that changes with a simple graphic alteration. At this time it appears that we might see Bray Wyatt wrestle in his demented Mr. Rogers persona for the first time since his return.

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