Jon Moxley is used to pro wrestling being done a certain way. After years as Dean Ambrose in WWE, he is now in AEW and is completely refreshed at this point in his career.

While talking to Chris Van Vliet, Moxley revealed what it’s like to work on AEW Dynamite. He said everyone is throwing ideas around and it’s like a giant jam band session. He equated it to being like a Phish concert as well which is a very interesting visual as well.

“You don’t have to go to the office and pitch this thing you wanna do. You can pretty much do whatever you want. It’s not like we’re running around just doing whatever we want, but kinda.”

“But everyone’s just feeling totally free. I was describing it earlier, Dynamite’s almost like one giant jam band session. Because everybody’s kinda collaborating together and working together and everyone’s throwing out different ideas for stuff that’s not even their stuff, especially once you get a bunch of different people in the same segment working together kinda like that big brawl we did the other night.”


“The goal for everybody is making [the fans] be standing and cheering at the end of the show. That’s kinda the only thing they’re worried about and everybody’s just kinda riffing and going along and being in the moment and being creative ‘Oh you do this and I’ll do this’ it’s like a Phish concert, you know? Except way better because I do not enjoy Phish concerts.”

AEW will continue to present a pro wrestling alternative. This difference from their competitors is also apparently evident backstage. The ideas for their weekly Dynamite show seems to be a collaborative effort across the board.

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