Jon Moxley Says Renee Young Is ‘Irreplaceable’ & ‘Untouchable’ In WWE

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Jon Moxley got on Talk Is Jericho after his WWE exit and he let everything go in an epic podcasting session. He revealed a lot of the disorganization that goes on backstage in the company and there has been a lot to happen since then.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Jon Moxley addressed the reaction within WWE about what he had to say. This was something that he totally saw coming so it did not catch him off guard.

“No, I expected that. I expected it to be way worse. I assume I’m just kind of persona non-grata there now, which is fine. But I just felt like I did everything right in the way out. I gave my body to that company. I did everything, I did everything right. I was a model employee for them. But I also had to eat a lot of shit. And I think it was more than fair to at least just kind of like tell my side of the story about some of this stuff just so that now we can start fresh. Which we did at Double Or Nothing.”

Moxley said that he asked Renee Young if there was anything that he shouldn’t say during his infamous Talk Is Jericho interview. Mox said that his wife is irreplaceable and untouchable in WWE so she didn’t give a f*ck what he said.

“So, like, she didn’t give a f*ck. She’s untouchable. She’s completely irreplaceable, you know, in her spot. So no fear of reprisals.”

Jon Moxley will carry on being himself and not holding back one bit with AEW. It seems to suite him. On the other hand, Renee Young is currently making that Fox money on WWE Backstage so she is quite secure there as well.

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