WWE Opposing Cody Rhodes’ Attempts To Trademark His Father’s Ideas

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Cody Rhodes comes from a family with a rich history in pro wrestling. His legendary father “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes came up with several ideas that he never intended on Vince McMahon owning and now Cody wants to grab everything that he can.

Rhodes might not own WarGames, but he owns “The Match Beyond.” It is interesting how WWE didn’t use “The Match Beyond” phrase at all during WarGames this year. Interestingly enough, Cody also owns the rights to “The American Dream” name.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Cody’s goal is to own the ideas that his father came up with. He has filed new trademarks for SuperBrawl and Slamboree as well.

WWE is also trying to stop him from using at least one name. AEW is already promoting a Bash At The Beach event for January.

WWE is opposing his claims on at least some of them. Cody has been trying to gain ownership of things for usage in AEW, such as Bash at the Beach that is being used in January. In particular he’s looking for ownership of ideas that his father came up with.

All of these event names are being acquired for use in All Elite Wrestling. This means that AEW fans could have some very nostalgic experiences ahead of them.

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