WWE Considers Corey Graves The ‘Victim’ In Recent Mauro Ranallo Controversy

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Corey Graves is obviously popular in WWE. There was a time when he was on both RAW and SmackDown. Now he’s just on Friday Night SmackDown, but he is also hosting WWE’s first-ever podcast.

The recent Mauro Ranallo situation might not be over yet. He didn’t show up on NXT this week and now we are left wondering when he will be back. This controversy didn’t stop him from appearing on Showtime Boxing last night. So, at least we know that Mauro Ranallo is okay enough to work.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter added to this situation. In fact, in the world of WWE Corey Graves is actually seen as a victim by some within the company.

It was noted to me that logic would have had WWE management trying to reel him in after Ranallo left, but in the strange world of WWE, Graves was considered by many the babyface in the situation, and even the victim.

We’ll have to see how this situation turns out. It would be a huge loss for Mauro Ranallo to leave NXT, especially over a tweet.

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