Mauro Ranallo Returns To Commentary

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Mauro Ranallo didn’t work Survivor Series and he didn’t work NXT this week either. He wasn’t happy about a tweet from Corey Graves directed at the idea that Ranallo talks too much at the commentary table. This also caused Mauro Ranallo to deactivate his Twitter account.

Corey Graves has since apologized for this tweet, but the damage might have already been done. It was reported that the Bi-Polar Rock n Roller is in “rough shape.”

Mauro Ranallo must be doing better because he was on commentary last night for the Showtime Boxing event. He didn’t seem to lose his step one bit and fans really enjoyed his performance.

Ranallo is one of the best voices in combat sports so WWE allows him to do events outside of the company for Showtime Boxing. Only time will tell when he returns to NXT.

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