WWE’s Reaction To Samoa Joe On RAW Commentary

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Samoa Joe sat at the commentary table this week on Raw and several fans have spoken up about how great he was in that role. They are not the only ones who noticed.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that “everyone” backstage in WWE realized how good Samoa Joe was in that role. This doesn’t mean he will be taking the spot on a regular basis.

“A bright spot on the show was the work of Samoa Joe in the Dio Maddin spot as an announcer. He was fresh, quick, and got everything over with a no-nonsense delivery […] We were told that everyone recognized how good Joe is.”

As we previously reported, Dio Maddin was only off of commentary so he could sell the attack from Brock Lesnar. This two-week sell job saw Samoa Joe sitting in on commentary this week, but Maddin will be back.

Samoa Joe is expected to get back to action as soon as his thumb heals. It was also noted that it’s totally possible for an active WWE Superstar to have a position on commentary, but no matter how good he was it’s not likely to be a permanent thing.

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