Eric Bischoff On Tony Khan Getting Offended & Leaving Starrcast Early

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Tony Khan recently got in a little Twitter battle with Randy Orton. This resulted in a lot of attention, but Khan isn’t always looking for that.

During Starrcast IV, they held a special birthday roast for Tony Schiavone. Tony Khan apparently showed up, but then once the jokes started flying his way he left.

During 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed Tony Schiavone’s birthday roast at Starrcast. Apparently, Tony Khan got some attention that he didn’t want so he left in quite a hurry. This kept Bischoff and Khan from meeting once again.

Right at the very beginning of this thing, everybody’s seated. Mark Madden opens up and he goes, “Hey, look over there! Tony Khan the money mark! How many executive vice presidents do you have in your company anyway?” Evidently Tony took exception to that and got up and left. So I could have, I guess, had an opportunity to meet Tony Khan. But Mark Madden f*cked it up for me…and by me telling this story I probably just f*cked it up for myself, but whatever.

This is quite an interesting story about Tony Khan. Perhaps he had a very important phone call, but either way, he might not have expected the spotlight to be shined on him during the festivities. It’s hard to blame Tony Khan for being upset about this since it was a roast and he didn’t have any material planned nor did he probably expect to be the butt of any jokes.

Thanks to PWInsider Xtra for the quote

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