Brandi Rhodes Lists 5 Things To Stop Tagging Her With On Twitter

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Brandi Rhodes gets a lot of tweets sent her way. So she needed to lay down some ground rules.

AEW’s Chief Brand Officer tweeted out 5 things that she doesn’t need to be tagged in. First off, stop telling her how lovely she is, because apparently she doesn’t like that. There were other things that she included on this list too such as wig snatchings at local shows.

Here’s what you should/should not tag me in…

1) How lovely I am (annoying but it’s relevant)

2) local wig snatchings

3) Phil Collins vinyl

4) Complaints about things you don’t like (not my area)

5) unsigned women with pretty hair (I’ll look into it)

We previously reported that Brandi Rhodes was apparently talking about Shazza McKenzie and #SignShazza. Apparently, if you read #5 the way we did she’s going to look into signing Shazza, but just stop tagging her about it.

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