Rusev Reveals Why He Asked For Prayers While Stuck In Saudi Arabia

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WWE Crown Jewel was greatly overshadowed by the worry about WWE Superstars were stuck in Saudi Arabia. Their plan was held up and mechanical issues were blamed. Some people didn’t believe the official reason though.

While they were stuck in Saudi Arabia, Rusev sent out a tweet asking for prayers. Others called the situation a nightmare and said they are never going back.

While speaking to The Sun, Rusev opened up about the recent Saudi Arabia situation. He said that Superstars were just frustrated because they were ready to leave Saudi Arabia. Rusev simply asked everyone to send their prayers because that falls in line with his religious belief.

“We were all ready to get out and we couldn’t.”

“The frustration just grew by each hour and me asking for prayers is nothing new.”

“My father is a pastor, I’m a believer in God, Jesus Christ, our savior, so I always ask for prayers just because I wanted to go home, not because we were held hostage.”

“I don’t think anyone in their rightful mind is going to hold 170 people, American citizens, hostage, I don’t think that’ll reflect well anywhere.”

The important takeaway from this story is that WWE Superstars and the crew made it back to the United States safely. We are very happy about that. The company is also going to continue going to the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia for the next eight years so we’ll just have to see who goes back.

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