Jon Moxley is a “different kind of cat” and he spoke very openly during his Starrcast IV show about how he heard that all the time in WWE. It was a very interesting situation for him and he readily admits that people can take him the wrong way.

Moxley also loves to say “f*ck”… a lot. He actually stopped during his show and called himself out on his vulgar mouth because he says “f*ck” all the time, “but that’s how I talk,” he explained.

He told Jim Ross about a very interesting circumstance that happened when he got too in the moment. This was when he won the WWE US Title and he accidentally said “f*ck” in the middle of the ring.

WWE’s production truck needed to censor the profanity which they were fully capable of doing. He was still made to apologize to them afterward and a very strange interaction took place.

“So this is the pay-per-view when I won the United States Championship, I think I won it on this night. You know how you’re like in the moment, in the zone you say things to yourself, you say things out loud. Like if you’re shooting basketball you’d be like, ‘Okay get in the hoop motherf*cker, all right!’ Especially when you’re really there and in the moment you should want to be there in a wrestling match. If you’re not then you’re not where you need to be.”

“So anyway, I win the match, the ref raises my hand and I say, ‘Give me my f*cking belt!’ — BLATANTLY — So the ref gives me the belt because I’m hyped up like I said, ‘Give me my f*cking belt.’ They cut it on the delay, I had no idea I said this because you know how you’re just talking, ya know?”

“Like I’m saying [f*ck] to myself, it’s not like I’m saying it to the mic. But, I said very clearly on camera, ‘Give me my f*cking belt.’ I’m pretty new at this point. So, I get in the back and everybody’s a little weird — I could sense some weird energy.”

“I remember Road Dogg coming up to me and going, ‘Did you say f*ck out there?’ I said ‘I didn’t cut a promo.’ He’s like, ‘No, in the ring.’ I said I don’t know, maybe… I don’t think so’ and he walks away.”

“I didn’t think anything of it. The next day somebody comes up to me — I won’t drop any names, but a higher up type comes up to me and says they wanted me to go into the truck, the production truck and apologize to those in the truck because they had to hit the button for the five second delay, because that’s so hard.”

“But they wanted me to go in and apologize to the people in the truck because I swore on camera. I was like, ‘Sure, okay’ I had no problem with that. ‘I’m sorry for that, I guess it just slipped out, it will never happen again.’ So I go to the truck and they make me watch it. They sit me down like I’m being punished and they put it on and I was like ‘I bet I didn’t say it’ and they put it on and I’m like ‘Oh I so totally said it.’ Just blatant.”

“So I’m totally admitting fault and apologizing and like bowing saying totally, my bad it won’t happen again, it just came out I was just in the moment — and I’m new I’m not used to these cameras picking up every little thing, you know? I don’t know, I’m sorry — I apologized and gave what I legitimately thought was a sincere perfect apology.”

“So I leave. A little bit later the same person comes up to me and pulls me aside all serious and goes, ‘I don’t think that was the right kind of apology for the push we want to give you.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean? I apologized.'”

“Then he’s like, ‘Look, I know you’re a different type of cat.’ I didn’t know I thought I totally apologized. I guess looking back years later I came off as a dick. I didn’t mean to, but I must have.”

“I think that was a pivotal moment where they were like, ‘F*ck this guy’ and that’s how they saw me and looked at me and probably see me to this day. I can be a very poor communicator.”

Jim Ross went on to share his own strange WWE punishment/shaming story. This one dealt with being made to apologize to Jonathan Coachman for a racially insensitive comment.

Moxley held the WWE United States Title for quite a while, so WWE obviously didn’t totally say “f*ck this guy” to Dean Ambrose just yet. He did say that starts the story in his mind of where it all went which ultimately led to his big exit from the company.

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