Finn Balor Keeps Getting Tattoos

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Finn Balor is really enjoying this return to The Price character. He is now a married man as well and to top it all off he’s getting tattoos at a pretty fast rate.

It seems to be true that your first tattoo is quickly followed by your second and then you’re off to the races. When Finn Balor took off his jacket last night, fans got a glimpse of some new ink.

As you can see, he got this tattoo in an interesting place as well. It’s hard to tell what it is with the glimpses we got of it as well. This new tattoo does fit well with his other ink as he seems to like getting smaller pieces.

You can check out the pictures below to see a pretty good view of Finn Balor’s new ink. He actually first showed off the new tattoo during his heel turn which you can see below.

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