Vince McMahon got on his private plane along with his staff and left Saudi Arabia as soon as they could after Crown Jewel was over. Of course, the rest of the WWE roster wasn’t so lucky.

Conspiracy theories came out saying the Vince McMahon “stranded” Superstars in Saudi Arabia. This might have been literally what happened, but it wasn’t intended, nor was it expected according to Corey Graves.

During After The Bell, Graves explained that Vince McMahon leaves every city that WWE perform in as soon as possible. That being said, Saudi Arabia was no different.

“What really got to me was when the rumors started coming out. The first one being Mr McMahon — that Vince left everybody in Saudi Arabia. That’s not true and I’m gonna tell you why. If you work here you know that every week no matter where on the planet we are as soon as the final bell rings, as soon as it is made sure that all of the talent is okay — whoever’s in the last match — Vince gets on his jet and the guy goes home or to the next city because he’s busy running WWE.”


“So it might be a sexy headline — Oh Vince left everybody — everybody was stuck except for Vince and Brock and whoever else had private chartered flights. When you’re Brock Lesnar you get certain perks. When you’re Tyson Fury and you’re the biggest star on earth you get your own jet. When you’re Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair — you’ve earned that, okay? So it wasn’t like he said to hell with the talent, to hell with the crew. Vince did exactly as he has done every week without fail.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to be on the jet with him sometimes. That’s how business is done. It wasn’t a ‘gotta get the hell out of the country, there’s something crazy going on. It was exactly how it works. So I hate to break it to you guys. I hate to put a damper on your party, but that’s how things operate every week and this was no different.”

Several WWE Superstars reportedly told WWE they aren’t going back to Saudi Arabia. We’ll have to see if they stick to that because we’ve seen Superstars go in the past after saying they won’t.

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