WWE & Saudi Arabia’s Plans Under New ‘Extended’ Partnership

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WWE and Saudi Arabia announced that they have extended their partnership. Since their deal is still up in eight years and no time was added, it made fans wonder what was new about their arrangement.

Tony Maglio of The Wrap explained that WWE’s extended deal with Saudi Arabia will include a second branded event. It is supposed that the Greatest Royal Rumble and Super ShowDown events were “placeholders.”

WWE was only contracted to do Crown Jewels (1/year) as they worked out the longterm contract for a 2nd event. The Greatest Royal Rumble & Super Showdown were I guess what you would consider freelance/placeholder events.

Now there will be 2 contracted events for the next 8 years

I’m told this second Saudi Arabia event, like technically every WWE PPV, is not contracted to be realized $WWE revenue in a specific, regular quarter.

The major ones are usually in the same quarter each year, but #WrestleMania has dipped its toe into Q1 when it made sense to.

Now WWE will apparently have two events that they hold every year in Saudi Arabia that will be branded with the same name. They already have Crown Jewel, but now they need a new name. Let’s see what they are able to figure out.

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