Triple H Invites RAW & SmackDown Superstars To NXT

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Wednesdays could get very interesting on NXT with Survivor Series coming up. NXT will be a part of the annual November event and they made their first move tonight.

Triple H tweeted out an invitation for Raw and SmackDown Superstars to come to NXT. They know where to find them and Full Sail Arena is in a very convenient location.

Tonight we showed the world WE ARE NXT. #Raw and #Smackdown… YOUR move.

You know where to find us… Every Wednesday night 8pm on @USA_Network.

We’ll have to see if Raw and SmackDown Superstars start invading NXT during the build to Survivor Series. NXT definitely got off to a great start as they laid waste to the SmackDown Superstars they encountered in Buffalo.

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