Xavier Woods Reacts To Not Receiving Latest Technology During Surgery

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Xavier Woods had to go under the knife recently to repair a torn Achilles tendon. This is a bad injury that will keep him out of action for a very long time.

While he recuperates, Woods is still on social media and could be tweeting more than ever. He saw a video of a cutting edge technology that automatically heals wounds. Xavier Woods did not receive this treatment, but it would have been a lot cooler if he did.

Apparently, biomedical engineers have created an elastic glue that can heal wounds in one minute. All it takes is a little UV light and a cut literally heals itself. Woods saw this video and only had one thing to say:

You couldn’t have posted this before I left Sydney to get surgery!!?!?

Woods has a lot of healing left to do. Apparently, he’s doing it without some cutting edge elastic glue.

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