MJF Says Rosie O’Donnell Took Advantage Of Him & His Family When He Was Six

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MJF finally admitted to being on the Rosie O’Donnell Show when he was six. This is something that he usually shuts down, but he owned up to it on a Shot Of Brandi.

Of course, Maxwell Jacob Friedman said that he was taken advantage of in the process. He only got tickets to the WWE restaurant which apparently closed down a week after his appearance.

“All right, a Shot Of Brandi exclusive, I normally shut this down — we don’t have to sing the song. When I was six years old she decided to take advantage of me and my family. She had me come on my show for free, we didn’t get paid for it — we saw no money from this and sing on her show… you’re welcome Rosie O’Donnell for the ratings by the way.”

“The only thing I got in return were tickets to be able to go for free like have a free meal at the WWF restaurant at the time and guess what closed down a week after I was on the show? The WWE restaurant and that is why I will forever have disdain in my heart for Rosie O’Donnell.”

This is still a great retelling of this story. Now there is no denying it as if there was any doubt before. The little boy singing “You Are My Sunshine” was, in fact, a baby MJF.

Let’s just see if AEW is able to eventually work this into his character on Dynamite. Either way, it is still a treasure to tuck away. You can find the clip below.

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