Corey Graves is dating Carmella and that is well established. The latest news in Graves’ life is he will host the first-ever official WWE podcast with Endeavor Audio.

This is a big deal to Graves and he commented on it with a tweet. He is very excited for the opportunity and can’t wait for his voice to be heard in this way.

I’m genuinely excited as a WRESTLING fan to bring you #WWEATB.

I want this to be OURS. I want your questions. Your feedback. I don’t even think @wwe knows the power they just armed US with.

Let’s go!

Sam Roberts saw the official announcement from WWE and he just couldn’t help but comment. The Not Sam Wrestling host said: “Hot take city. I knew being the star of Total Divas would mean big things for Graves.”

Corey Graves obviously read this and formed a pretty amusing response. He theorized that a lot of this recent success could be credited to who he’s dating. Then again, it could always be Corey’s “handsome magnetism” that got him an audio podcast.

I like to attribute it to my “handsome magnetism.”

Or people finally caring about me because my girlfriend is famous.

We’re also very happy for Corey Graves and look forward to a good show. It will be very interesting to see what will happen when WWE gets into the usually uncensored podcasting game. Graves is the perfect first person to see what their limits are.

Felix Upton

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