WWE Legend Unhappy About Not Getting Invite To Friday Night SmackDown

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WWE is holding a big 20th Anniversary Show for SmackDown as they premiere the show on FOX. This is a great way to accomplish two big celebrations at one time, but Taz isn’t going to be a part of it.

The former WWE announcer held the desk down for about 8 years. That apparently didn’t warrant an invitation from WWE. Taz doesn’t appear to be too happy about this either.

Thanks! Hey….it’s the same reaction some might have when they realize I wasn’t invited the BIG anniversary show tomorrow night.

Taz auditioned for the new WWE Backstage show. Perhaps the fact that he didn’t get an invitation from WWE or FOX to be at Friday Night SmackDown is an indication that he won’t be a part of this new show.

If Taz does end up appearing on WWE Backstage then he might have a lot to talk about.


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