Mass Departures to AEW Left Impact Wrestling Scrambling

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AEW brought Kevin Sullivan in from Impact Wrestling, but he didn’t come alone. Now Impact Wrestling is trying hard to fill the void.

Impact Wrestling was outsourcing Sullivan’s entire production company to work on their television show and now they’re no longer a part of the picture either.

SE Scoops reports that Impact Wrestling was notified over the weekend that their relationship with Kevin Sullivan’s production company would end effective immediately. This is said to have left Impact Wrestling “scrambling.”

KevinSullyTV reportedly tried to secure a contract with Anthem Sports, but it never happened, This would have provided them with some needed stability. The fact that this did not come to fruition “left the door open for AEW to swoop in.”

Impact Wrestling hired a local producer out of Tennessee to “handle the work of several people” after this unexpected setback. As we previously reported, several former employees of Impact Wrestling have reached out to the company to come back and help.

It was also reported that this is a “huge strategic move” and “crippling.” All of this is happening for Impact Wrestling as they prepare to start on AXS TV in late October.

Now Impact Wrestling finds themselves looking for people to work for them right after Anthem fired tons of people in AXS TV’s Dallas office after their takeover.

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