Liv Morgan Has Fans Worried After Cryptic Tweet

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Liv Morgan has yet to make a return to WWE television since promising that when she comes back things are going to be different. Morgan said that she’s going to be real and we’re all patiently awaiting her return.

Since taking time off from WWE television, Morgan was caught sitting in the rain. She said it cleansed her. She also had a reunion with her Riott Squad sisters. None of that happened on WWE television.

It was previously reported that WWE is keeping Liv Morgan out of the ring until they debut her new character. This makes things even more interesting. Now Morgan is adding to the intrigue.

Liv Morgan recently tweeted out: “851216.” A lot of fans have tried to crack her code, but the most logical answer is she’s asking for HELP because those numbers spell out H-E-L-P if you break them down.

We’ll have to see what Liv Morgan’s next move might be, but we’ll all be eagerly awaiting to see what WWE’s big plan for Liv might be.

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