Lacey Evans Wants To Retire Natalya

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Lacey Evans did not seem to enjoy her latest trip to Canada because she got a speeding ticket. This resulted in her cutting a promo on the officer for not knowing who she is.

Natalya replied saying that the officer was her cousin, because Harts run Canada. The mainstream Canadian press even picked up on this story. That is when Lacey Evans had to chime in and express her feelings about Natalya.

The only thing the harts run is their Classless Canadian mouths sweetheart.

But now that we are back in America and #RAW is tomorrow….. How about I run you out of @wwe and into retirement where you belong.

It seems like these two are just beginning to put each other to the test. We’ll have to see what’s next, but it got off to a pretty entertaining start. Let’s just hope Lacey Evans pays her Canadian speeding ticket.

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