Killer Kross Shows Interest In Joining Bullet Club

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Killer Kross and Impact Wrestling don’t seem to be getting any closer to figuring things out. At this point, fans are calling for the company to simply release him.

The details of Killer Kross’ problems with Impact Wrestling stem from money, but there are obviously other reasons. There were also reports that Kross has heat with Impact Wrestling because he refused to blade at Slammiversary.

Killer Kross’ Impact Wrestling contract is actually up in December and the company has an option to extend it for another year.

One fan tweeted out to Kross saying: “Random thought, I think Killer Kross would be a great addition to the Bullet Club.”

Obviously, Kross liked that idea. He responded with “#BangBang” and included a video of himself at the firing range.

This statement from Killer Kross might mean a lot more if he was being used by Impact Wrestling, or if he was a free agent.

Hopefully, things turn around for him in that regard because Killer Kross is not making much sitting at home while the company he’s under contract with refuses to book him.

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