MJF Dares Fans With Death Threats To Bring It On

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MJF draws an incredible amount of heat every time he steps in the ring. Some people might want to kill him for it too.

We recently reported that MJF got a bunch of hate when he slammed Applebee’s for being “poor people food.” This was followed by some threats that could be categorized as life threatening.

It doesn’t seem like MJF minds those at all as he welcomed them to bring it on.

Received even more threats today.

“Aren’t you scared?!?”

LOL of you Cheeto dusted white trash clowns?


Bring your blades,your batteries,and your bottles. I dare you.

I’ll be the one laughing my way to the bank with a fresh lawsuit and your Gf.

Every. Single. Time.

AEW’s TNT show is likely to be a lot of fun, especially if they keep giving Maxwell Jacob Friedman a live microphone.

It really makes you wonder why Chris Jericho said that MJF could be a huge babyface in six to twelve months.


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