MJF does not like it when people compare him to The Miz, but their careers could take similar paths in a way.

Mature Audiences Mayhem recently spoke to Chris Jericho where he absolutely praised MJF. He did compare him to The Miz, but only because in no time Maxwell Jacob Friedman will be one of the biggest babyfaces in AEW because of how over he’s getting as a heel.

“When you’re a great heel, chances are you are entertaining. Unless you’re a psycho heel, which is very hard to play. People kind of know that you are fake unless you can be ultra-violent, like Bruiser Brody. Me in Japan now, I have adapted a Bruiser Brody attitude and just beat the sh*t out of these guys. And Bruiser was 6’6, I’m not. But in Japan now, I am one of the bigger guys on the show, so that gets people to think that, once again, this guy is off of his rocker. And whether these guys are performing this high intense, amazing routine, this other guy is just kicking people in the face, punching them in his head. That guy’s crazy, he’s off of his rocker.”

“And in this country, MJF is so entertaining. Put him on weekly TV for three months, maybe six, he will be the most popular babyface of the company because he’s a great heel, he’s hilarious. He is so f*cking good at what he does, soon enough, the tides will turn. That’s just how it goes unless you’re someone like The Miz. When they tried to make someone like The Miz a babyface, it just doesn’t work because he’s very annoying in real life, and MJF is kind of too but maybe he’ll be able to walk that line.”


MJF can be a focal point of a show and as time goes on that just might be his role to play. All Elite Wrestling has a lot of very talented individuals on their roster, but Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s future in the business seems to have no limit.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

H Jenkins

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