“Stone Cold” Steve Austin might not be able to wrestle anymore, but he’s more than willing to show up to RAW and have some fun. If he happens to put someone over in the meantime, then so be it.

TV Insider recently spoke to The Rattlesnake where he talked about the process of arranging an angle with WWE. He’s been out of WWE’s storylines for a while now, but he’s more than willing to come back and help however he can at this point in his career.

“Not everything is last minute. Some things are thought out way in advance. They call me up, and if I’m available and it sounds like a good idea, I’ll do it.”

“I’ve been away for a long time. I always like to say I want the current superstars to have all the television time, but if I can go out there and give someone a rub. Or if I can get out there in front of a crowd that is still around when I was still active who want to see me again, that’s a cool feeling too.


“It’s just something that is happening. It’s not like I’m going to go back on the road full-time or anything. It’s some good opportunities. It makes sense TV-wise, business-wise. I’m there to lend a hand or help out as much as I can.”

We don’t know when Steve Austin might be able to show up once again, but he’s more than welcomed. He’s not going to be appearing full-time for the company and he’s certainly not working any matches, but it’s nice to know that Austin is willing to do business whenever he can help out.

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