Chris Jericho defeated “Hangman” Adam Page for the AEW World Title at All Out, but Y2J didn’t hold onto the title for very long.

Jericho has the AEW World Title back so it’s okay to make as many jokes about “a little bit of the bubbly” that you like. The situation is still a rather confusing one.

Bryan Alvarez stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that the whole story about what happened to the AEW World Title doesn’t even begin to make sense of the whole thing either.

“Jericho and some others were taking a flight back to the Tampa area and the flight got diverted and they ended up in Tallahassee. So they needed to get from Tallahassee to Tampa so they rented this big SUV limo and basically they get in the limo and on the way there they decide to stop at the Longhorn Steakhouse and they get out and Jericho has a case in his hand with the AEW World Heavyweight Title which is, in fact, worth $29,100 — that’s the price of this belt.”


“So they go in and he doesn’t want to bring the belt in so he leaves it in the limousine with everything else. Then the limo driver alerts them that ‘apparently we picked up a piece of luggage that doesn’t belong to any of you so I need to drive it back to the airport while you guys are having dinner.'”

“So he goes to the airport and when he comes back he announces that the belt is gone. What?!”

It didn’t take long for the AEW World Title to show up after the word broke about its disappearance. Chris Jericho cut promo at his palatial estate about launching a worldwide investigation and suddenly, the AEW World Title was discovered on the side of the road.

We might never really know what happened to the AEW World Title while Jericho was dining at a Longhorn Steakhouse, but this situation certainly got AEW a lot of attention.

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