Paige Explains Her New Twisted Character On Fox’s Havenbrook

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Paige recently had neck surgery so she’s not going to be around WWE much until she heals up, but she is not leaving television.

The cast of Havenbrook, including Paige stopped by Fred Savage’s “What Just Happened??!” where she provided some very interesting details about her new character.

“She’s been kicked out of every boarding school she’s ever been to because you know, she seduced the Head Master. After kicking an opium addiction her mad mum actually lost her in a game of mahjong to the Mayor of Havenbrook. So now she can’t find a date to the prom.”

It sounds like Paige was given a very interesting role on this upcoming television show. Let’s hope it gets a lot of attention which could provide Paige with a great life after WWE as she breaks out into the acting world.

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