Dean Malenko Reveals He Suffers From Parkinson’s Disease

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Starrcast III was full of great events and panels so far. Dean Malenko made headlines as he spoke about his relationship with Chris Benoit, but the famous former wrestler also had a very personal revelation as well.

During his Q&A, Malenko revealed that he is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. He was quite serious about this subject and some fans might have missed it due to his constant dry humor. It is sadly the case.

Malenko didn’t move his left arm pretty much for the duration of his interview time. They even had a microphone arranged on a stand to hold it for him.

We hate to hear this, but just because Malenko is suffering from this physical ailment doesn’t mean his mind if compromised at all. In fact, he is still studying tape to help AEW produce matches and seems just as sharp as ever.

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