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Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton was just confirmed for Clash Of Champions so they’ll probably continue that story tonight. We’ll just have to see if Xavier Woods is in better shape after The Revival and RKO’s attack last week.

The King Of The King tournament will continue and Shelton Benjamin vs Chad Gable could be a long match unless they change their current plans. Ali and Buddy Murphy will also do battle in the first round of the King Of The Ring tournament.

Charlotte Flair challenged Bayley for her SmackDown Women’s Title last week so that match is happening at Clash Of Champions. Let’s see what WWE does to further their storyline.


Finally, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan are expecting an apology from Roman Reigns after “proving” that Rowan had nothing to do with the attacks on The Big Dog. This should be a fun night and we’ll get started when the show kicks off at 8:00 PM EST.

Opening Segment

They played a highlight video of Roman Reigns’ on-going events where he nearly dodged being murdered. Then Kayla Braxton asked Roman if he had anything to say, he’s saving it for the ring.

Kofi Kingston Throws Pancakes & Cuts A Promo

Kofi Kingston came down smiling and throwing pancakes from his WWE Title. Then they played another recap video, this time of Kofi and Randy Orton’s on-going feud.

Kingston said that Orton likes to “slither around this ring” saying that Kofi acts stupid. Then Kofi reminded RKO that he got knocked out last week. He brought out how The Revival took out Woods and everything else that Randy has done to him and the New Day.

Then he said it felt good to hit The Revival and Orton with a chair. He said that Orton had a look in his eyes where he understood not to mess with Kofi’s family. Now Kingston will have a chance to prove himself to Orton at Clash Of Champions. He was ready then and he’s ready now.

Orton cut Kofi off by repeating “stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid,” over and over again. Orton pulled out some fan mail and read it. This letter was apparently from Ky, Kofi’s son. He was asking Orton to quit beating his daddy up because it makes him cry at night. Then Orton said he just realized that he is staying in the same hotel as his family so he can go pay him a visit right now.

Kofi went running and the next thing we know they’re brawling in the Gorilla Position. There was a pull-apart, but they got some good shots on each other before Orton hit a DDT off a table. Adam Pearce was there and told a referee to go “get a trainer.”

Later on, Big E walked out of the trainer’s office and Kayla Braxton asked him about his match against Randy Orton tonight. Big E is now facing RKO apparently, Big E said Kofi will be at Clash Of Champions, but after tonight, he can’t say the same about Orton.

Ali vs Buddy Murphy

They were feeling each other out for a bit and then Murphy about took Ali’s head off with a high knee. This was followed by a two-count and a commercial break.

Ali fired back with some kicks after we got back from commercial, Murphy hit a knee and then Ali landed a high dropkick followed by a kick to the head and a dive to the outside. Elias watched on from backstage while still wearing the WWE 24/7 Title.

This was followed by Murphy hitting a dive on the outside and then he threw Ali into the ring. Murphy missed a double knees from the top and then Ali hit a dropkick and a reverse rana for a two count.

Ali climbed up top, but Murphy grabbed his foot and kicked him in the face before hitting a powerbomb into a brainbuster for a two count. “This is awesome chants” broke out while they got to their feet.

Murphy got on the apron and Ali landed a DDT before hitting a 450 and getting the three count.

Winner: Ali

Bayley was looking at her title when Ember Moon walked up and told her not to let Charlotte Flair get to her. Then Moon said she will beat Bayley next time. She said the best woman won and then Lacey Evans showed up and said Flair was right about Bayley bringing the division down. Lacey said she’s the face of the division which caused Moon and Bayley to laugh.

The Miz Is Awesome

Before the match, The Miz challenged Shinsuke Nakamura for the IC Title.

Zayn came out and said that he liberated Shinsuke Nakamura. He also finds it hilarious that Miz keeps talking about the IC Title like it’s his because Shinsuke Nakamura is the IC Champion.

Zayn said someone needs to beat some respect into The Miz. He offered for Zayn to come at him, but Sami baited him outside instead. Then Nakamura attacked him as Zayn commentated on microphone.

Nakamura rolled The Miz back in the ring and Zayn continued to cut a promo about how The Miz has no respect for poetry or artistry. This was followed up by a Kinshasa from Shinsuke Nakamura.

Backstage, Elias was chilling and playing guitar. Kevin Owens walked in and asked to speak to Shane. Elias said Shane isn’t hear at all. KO said, “thanks” and left.

Bayley vs Lacey Evans

This match started out with Bayley in control. She wrestled Evans to the ground and transitioned from one arm hold to another. Bayley’s attempt to stop The Women’s Right was stopped as Evans hit a powerslam.

Evans nailed some kicks in the corner and then she was lifted to the apron. Bayley took Evans off the apron and hit a clothesline next. Then Charlotte Flair walked out on the entrance ramp in her street clothes while looking a bit bored.

Lacey Evans took control after smashing Bayley against the ring post. Bayley returned fire, but then Evans brought Bayley outside the ring with a gator roll. She smashed Bayley’s arm against the ring and was very classy about it too.

Evan continued her assault on Bayley with a few kicks and a bronco buster type move for a two count. Evans continued to work on Bayley’s arm and play mind games.

Suddenly, Bayley switched things up, choked Evans against the ropes and dropkicked her back for a two count. Evans smashed Bayley’s head off the mat and stomped on her arm again. Evans sent Bayley to the apron and then The Hugger stopped her kick and pounded her. She got back in the ring and hit a couple of takedowns and a knee strike before latching on a leg submission right in front of Charlotte Flair at ringside.

Bayley went for a Bayley To Belly, but she was blocked. Then Evan nailed a nice moonsault for a two count. They moved outside and Bayley nailed a suplex off the timekeeper’s area.

They both barley made it back to the ring and traded roll-up pin attempts before Evans took a Bayley To Belly, but she grabbed the bottom rope.

Evans nailed a neckbreaker, but Bayley reversed Lacey’s follow-up. Then Bayley hit a messy Bayley To Belly before nailing an elbow drop off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Bayley

Daniel Bryan cut a little promo to Kayla Braxton about how they expect an apology from Roman Reigns tonight.

Randy Orton vs Big E

E took the fight to Randy Orton quickly and he beat him around the ring. Then Orton hit a thumb to the eye, but Big E fought back and he hurled Big E over the barricade before tossing him back in the ring.

Big E spanked Orton a little bit (literally) and then he got another two count. He grabbed Orton by his ears and brought him to his feet. Orton hit another thumb to the eye and sent E’s shoulder into the post before stomping him down in the corner. Big E came back with a couple clotheslines and then he moved to the apron where he missed a splash that looked bad.

Then Orton suplexed Big E off the announce table because he’s very good at that move. Big E had a small bit of retaliation, but Orton soon took control once again.

Orton hit his patented stomps and then he went for a clothesline off the ropes, but Big E nailed two belly to belly suplexes followed by a third. Big E swiveled his hips, but The Revival ran down to distract Big E. Orton nailed an RKO and that was it.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, The Revival got in the ring and they proceeded to pick Big E up and they hit him with a Super RKO.

Elias came out to cut a promo while on the KOTR throne. He called the Louisiana crowd a bunch of “filthy swamp people” and that got them very hot. This was followed by Kevin Owens sneaking up behind Elias and beating him to the ring. Elias caught a Stunner and Kevin Owens left.

R-Truth came in and tried to pin Elias, but Drake Maverick pulled him off and pinned him instead to become WWE 24/7 Champion.

Maverick left and was very happy about this big win.

Shelton Benjamin vs Chad Gable

This match started slowly as they felt each other out. Then Gable returned fire with a headbutt and two spinning neckbreakers followed by a nice suplex.

Benjamin returned fire with a flying clothesline and he reversed out of another suplex and he went for an ankle lock before being thrown to the outside. Gable jumped on Shelton on the outside, but he was caught and heaved into the barricade.

They returned to the ring and battled for position on the top rope. Benjamin moved and Gable missed a flip, but he landed on his feet. Then Chad Gable hit a sunset flip pin and won.

Winner: Chad Gable

It looks like these guys got some time cut from their match because they did not go twelve minutes.

Closing Segment

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan appeared on the big screen after Roman Reigns came out. They wanted an apology and then Roman said to watch the video.

Then they showed another video of his backstage attack which was obviously filmed twice. It clearly showed Rowan pushing down equipment. Daniel Bryan slapped the crap out of Rowan screaming that he hates liars.

Then Bryan grabbed a live microphone and walked out saying he didn’t know anything about what was going on. Rowan lied to him and someone told Rowan to do it, but it wasn’t him.

Bryan got in the ring and Roman Reigns hit him with a spear right away. That was that.

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