WWE Could Be Making Way More With NXT Move To USA Network

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WWE’s deal with the USA Network is a pretty great one already. NXT’s September 18th arrival will be a landmark event for the yellow brand. It will also bring in a lot more green.

MarketWatch reports that David Karnovsky, who is a JP Morgan analyst, approximated a much higher price for NXT’s USA Network deal. The figure he gave was around $70 million a year for Vince McMahon’s company.

Deadline reports that Guggenheim Securities analyst Curry Baker said that WWE’s NXT deal with USA Network could be worth more like $30 million per year. It wasn’t said how long the deal is for, but it was noted that it is for at least one or two.

We previously reported via Dave Meltzer that NXT’s deal with the USA Network is around $50 million a year. This is a substantial amount and it makes you have to wonder why NXT Superstars won’t be paid way more.

WWE Stock is currently in “buy mode” which makes it very interesting that WWE Co-President sold off around 80% of her stock just two weeks ago. The price has since shot up slightly after NXT’s USA announcement.

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