Vince McMahon has led WWE for decades, but his streak could be coming to an end. It wouldn’t be goodbye forever, but there are reportedly tentative plans for Vince McMahon to step away from the company.

Brad Shepard reports on Oh, You Didn’t Know what Vince McMahon said something very interesting during his recent XFL meetings. It is said that The Chairman has plans to step back from WWE for a short time depending on how well the company’s transition into new television deals go.

“I reported on Monday that Vince McMahon wasn’t at Raw because he was in an all-day meeting on Monday and had one Tuesday as well. According to a source in WWE I am told Vince McMahon told his XFL circle that he’ll step away from WWE for a very short period of time depending on how the Fox and NXT moves go.”

“If all three shows are steady by the time the XFL launches he will indeed focus on the league.”

Vince McMahon has previously stated that he hired Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as Executive Directors so he won’t be in the weeds. If the positions of power he put in place seem to be handling WWE’s move to Fox and NXT’s transition to USA Network, then Mr. McMahon might have less influence on WWE than ever before.

This will be a very interesting time in pro wrestling history no matter what happens. The idea of Vince McMahon stepping away from WWE in any respect for even a short time is pretty monumental.

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