WWE’s Plans For NXT Debut On USA Network REVEALED

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AEW is starting on Wednesday nights this October 2nd and WWE wants to get to Wednesdays before The Elite.

We previously reported that Chris Jericho stated NXT is starting on the USA Network on September 25th, but it might be even sooner than that.

Dave Meltzer reports that NXT is set to start on the USA Network on September 18th. This will “get a jump on AEW” which will give WWE two weeks to settle in on USA Network because AEW’s first show at the Capitol One Arena in Washington, DC airs live on TNT.

It is noted that WWE found it “imperative” that NXT debuts before AEW is able to get on the air. Therefore, they got to work on making it happen. However, with such a short time-frame to advertise WWE needs to make an announcement tonight.

One would think with a date so close to happening, that the locations for the early shows would also be announced tonight.

WWE is making some big moves. Let’s just see what they are going to do exactly. One would assume that WWE will be filming at their Full Sail Arena location, but things could get very interesting if they take NXT on the road every Wednesday.

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