Historic Announcement Set For WWE RAW Tonight

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NXT looks to be moving to the USA Network. After all, some people in the company see it as a “done deal.”

Bryan Alvarez mentioned on Wrestling Observer Live that once Triple H told a majority of the NXT roster what was going on, the tune seemed to change. Because now they don’t want to tell anyone else because they don’t want information slipping out.

Therefore, they are simply advising people to watch RAW tonight so they can find out for sure what is in NXT’s future.

“I guess the concern was, if we tell you everything that’s going on it’s gonna get out so I guess Hunter told people a couple of days ago, ‘If you wanna know what’s happening just do what everyone else does and you’re gonna have to watch RAW. There’s gonna be an announcement on RAW this coming Monday.'”

It was noted that while FS1 can still offer a ton of money and steal the show away, it certainly seems like NXT is coming to the USA Network very soon. Since they are making the big announcement on the USA Network then that gives even more validity to the idea that they will, in fact, be moving to the USA Network.

We’ll have to see how things turn out because there are still a number of questions that remain. NXT just recorded a month’s worth of television shows, but if Vince McMahon wants to throw that all away and start from scratch with a live show then that’s what is going to happen.

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