Saudi Arabia Reportedly Wants Another Goldberg Match

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Goldberg vs The Undertaker was a dream match until they actually locked up in Saudi Arabia and then it soon became a nightmare. Apparently, the Saudis are ready for round two.

Perhaps the Saudi Arabian crowd didn’t realize what kind of pro wrestling match The Undertaker and Goldberg had against each other. Either way, it appears they are down to see Goldberg compete again

Brad Shepard reports that the Saudis are requesting that Bill Goldberg make another trip to their country because they want him to compete again.

We’ll have to see whether WWE will bring Goldberg back to Saudi Arabia this year. After all, they do have another show on October 31st in the controversial kingdom.

Only time will tell whether Goldberg will agree to work another match considering how much he seemed to despise his previous encounter in the Middle East.

Then again, Goldberg also made a ton of money to work in Saudi Arabia as well. So, a lot of money very well could convince Goldberg to make another trip to Saudi Arabia if they can work out the finer details.

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