Who Pitched The Idea Of Bringing Back WWE Super Shows Revealed

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WWE is doing something about low house show attendance numbers and it looks like they are canceling a lot of live events in the process. However, they might have a plan that could work.

We previously reported that WWE is reportedly planning to bring back Super Shows for live events. This would include both rosters and hopefully generate more interest by having bigger Superstars on the show.

Brad Shepard reports that this idea came from an unlikely source, but obviously if it is gaining traction then more are on board with this new plan.

I was told this was originally Steve Rubin’s Idea – he’s #WWE’s Director of TV Event Relations.

WWE could always just cancel having live events in the first place. Unless they change their promotional strategy they might not see much of an increase in ticket sales due to the current climate.

They wouldn’t be losing that money on the live shows and it also makes sense when you think about how many stories have been changed on television because someone got injured at a half-full house show over the weekend.

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