How Much Goldberg Made Wrestling In Saudi Arabia For WWE

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Goldberg has made a lot of money in his career, but his last match in Saudi Arabia was by far the most money he’s ever made for one match.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Goldberg’s deal to work one match in Saudi Arabia against The Undertaker was “well into seven [figures] for the match.” This encounter might have been rather disappointing between himself and Taker, but at least he was paid very well.

It was noted that while the exact figure isn’t known, Goldberg did make more in that one match than he did for his first WWE contract when he was paid over $1 million to work 8 matches in 2003. However, he didn’t make more than he made in WCW which was $3 million a year.

Knowing that Goldberg made over $1 million to work that one match really puts into perspective not only how much WWE is making on the Saudi Arabia shows, but also, how much WWE is willing to offer legends to perform. Therefore, we can only imagine that The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were paid exceptionally well too.

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