WWE Puts End To Speculation About Bray Wyatt’s New Lantern

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WWE is a family-friendly product, but there’s always room for Bray Wyatt’s new creepy lantern.

Some fans were worried that WWE nixed Bray Wyatt’s new lantern after Summerslam. The company seemed to cut around close-ups of the lantern and they didn’t publish any photos of it on their website of it.

However, a new tweet from the company seems to put any doubt to rest. Because Yowie Wowie, they just put up a picture of Wyatt and his new lantern on social media.

This new picture of The Fiend and his Bray Wyatt decapitated head lantern is a very creepy addition to anyone’s collection of Wyatt photos. You can check it out below and rest easy because the new lantern isn’t going anywhere.


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