Bray Wyatt blew fans away at Summerslam with his insane new entrance. That didn’t stop some fans from fearing that WWE was changing things already.

We previously reported that Bray Wyatt’s Summerslam entrance video was edited for YouTube. Wyatt’s Titantron video was also deleted shortly after being uploaded.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez addressed the speculation that WWE might be altering Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character by taking away his head lantern. Based on what Alvarez is hearing there’s good news to report. Because if anything, it sounds like WWE is planning even more marketing for Bray Wyatt with the lantern as part of the deal.

“All I can tell you is I’ve asked several people about this and nobody heard anything about the lantern not being a part of the act. In fact, one person told me I guess it’s gonna be part of like his whatever you call it action figure or whatever they’re producing these lanterns.”


“So, anyway, I think everyone’s reading too much into this, but I mean we’ll know soon enough. If he shows up again with no head lantern we’ll know, but I wouldn’t be writing it off yet.”

This is a very good sign that WWE realizes what kind of character they have with Bray Wyatt. Because The Fiend is something that obviously blew fans away at Summerslam and there is no reason to change him at this point.

The head lantern might be a shocking addition to Bray Wyatt’s persona, but that’s probably the point.

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