Alexa Bliss Really Had Fun With Her Summerslam Ring Attire

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Alexa Bliss is a huge Disney fan. This not only provides inspiration for fans who want to wear hilarious shirts to meet her, but it also gives her a ton of cosplaying options.

Some fans might have missed the kickoff show and if they did then they didn’t see Alexa Bliss’ ring attire. She was decked out like Buzz Lightyear and you could tell that she really enjoyed this outfit.

Bliss commented online while using a famous quote from the Toy Story franchise to give us an idea about how much fun she was really having.

I’ve landed in a strange place. There seems to be no sign in THE END OF OUR REIGN AS @WWE WOMEN’S TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Anywhere !!!!!

The really fun part was that Bliss and her Nikki Cross were able to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Hopefully, those two will help elevate the titles to another level in WWE. Because Vince McMahon didn’t want the titles in the first place. Therefore, they might have a lot of impressing to do.

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