Watch Randy Orton’s Wife Give Him An RKO Outta Nowhere On The Beach

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Randy Orton really enjoyed his vacation and so did his wife. It looks like they had a little too much fun depending on who you ask.

The Viper is set to take on Kofi Kingston at Summerslam, but he’s been really enjoying his break from television in the meantime. It’s interesting that he got a vacation right before his big match, but that’s one of the perks of being Randy Orton.

While Orton was hanging out on the beach, one thing he might not have expected was his wife hitting him with his own finisher. He took the move like a champ and sold for his wife Kim so it looked great as he went right into the ocean.

You can check out the clip below and let us know who you think pulls off a better RKO between the two of them. Because Mrs. Orton certainly has some great form.

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