SmackDown Live went through some major changes this week because Vince McMahon just couldn’t figure out how he wanted to end the show. What ended up happening was what some people are considering a “reveal,” but it wasn’t really anything concrete and left a lot open in the story.

SmackDown Live was chaos once again backstage this week as Vince McMahon tore up the script and made them re-write it.

Brad Shepard provided an idea of some creative changes they went through during Oh, You Didn’t Know. Apparently, WWE had some big plans, but Vince McMahon didn’t like them.

“This is so stupid and of course, the show is literally being re-written as it’s coming to showtime. So you know, it was gonna be Daniel Bryan and Roman and then I was told as of you know it’s gonna be a tag team match with Rowan and Daniel Bryan with Joe and Roman and that was the face turn.”


“It was just like, it’s when I said at some point, ‘there’s no telling at this point what the f*ck they’re going to do because they’re literally re-writing everything.'”

It seems like we don’t ever know what WWE is going to throw on television until just before the show goes live nowadays. Because Vince McMahon has the power to re-write things and he’s definitely taking advantage of that executive privilege.

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