WWE SmackDown Getting Full Re-Write Right Before Showtime

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WWE is getting pretty bad about changing their television show around at the last minute. There are a couple of things planned for tonight, but they’re all segments and there could be a very good reason for that.

Ryan Satin reports that WWE SmackDown Live is getting a complete re-write as I write this. Apparently, Vince McMahon wasn’t happy about something else so they’re overhauling the whole thing.

Heard from a few sources that Vince McMahon has decided he’s not satisfied with tonight’s #SDLive script and is re-doing the whole show with only 2 hours left before the SummerSlam go-home episode begins.

Bryan Alvarez also added that the new SmackDown main event is apparently Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston.

Vince tore up the show again, and unless he changes his mind between now and showtime the new Smackdown main event is Bryan vs. Kofi.

Tonight should be a very interesting show because we’ll know that whatever happens was written at the last minute. This is certainly starting to become the kind of trend you don’t want.

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