Steve Austin knows a thing or two about beer consumption. After all, he literally made millions of dollars thanks to his post-match beer bashes. Now he’s putting his knowledge to good use.

While appearing on ESPN’s Get Up, The Rattlesnake judged other pro athletes’ drinking habits and he had a lot to say. They started off by showing off his own technique and explained that the “wasted beer” is because he’s in show business.

Austin was rather impressed by the idea of cracking a beer open with your teeth and then shotgunning it without the assistance of a sharp tool. He gave that an A+.

Gulping a beer in one chug also got an A+ from Steve Austin. He said “big time respect, brother.” However, he didn’t have the same respect for Aaron Rodgers as it took him multiple attempts to finish a beer. He gave that drinking a C+ which was probably a generous grade.


You can check out the entire video below and watch Stone Cold’s reaction to these beer drinking role models. They would have probably earned higher grade if they were drinking Broken Skull IPA.

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