Natalya Calls Becky Lynch ‘The Corporate Man’ In Vicious Back & Forth Twitter War

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Becky Lynch and Natalya are set to wrestle at Summerslam for the Raw Women’s Title, but their feud on Twitter is plenty entertaining as well.

The Man tweeted out that Natalya wants to be defeated in her home country in front of her family. Lynch also declared herself “Canada’s New Hero” as she remarked that she’s giving the “snakes” what they wanted.

Nattie wants to get beaten in her own country, in front of her own family, in a match she asked for. As #CanadasNewHero I shall give that snake just what she asked for.

Nattie didn’t take this comment lightly and replied with her own accusation that Becky Lynch is just trying to earn “cheap pops.” She then threw some more shade at The Man by calling her “The Corporate Man.” It will all come down down to submissions in Toronto.

Becky now you’re begging for cheap pops? What happened to you? You really have become The Corporate Man. Don’t worry, Sunday you’ll be begging. For me to let you out of the Sharpshooter.

Becky Lynch replied with an image featuring plenty of Canadians from Tim Horton’s to Jim Carrey. The Man stated that she’s better than all of them. This falls in line with her Canada’s New Hero moniker.

Not to be outdone, Natalya fired back in a big way. She was livid over The Man bringing Celine Dion into this situation. Then she stated that she moved to Florida to be closer to her parents at “about the same time [Lynch] quit wrestling, the first time [she] QUIT.”

This remark was followed by Nattie calling Lynch a hypocrite so we can probably be safe to assume that even more shade is expected in this feud.

To Becky! My #1 fan! You should never have brought Celine Dion into this. I moved to Florida to be close to my parents, about the same time you quit wrestling, the first time you QUIT. You’re still looking for those cheap Canadian pops? The Man = #twitterfingerwarrior #Hypocrite

Summerslam will feature plenty of matches and it will be a very long event, but you can probably be safe to assume that Natalya will receive a huge babyface reaction when wrestling for the title in her home country.

This is an interesting spot for Becky Lynch to be in, but she’s gotten out of tough jams before. Let’s just see if the Dis Arm Her will be able to overpower Natalya’s Sharpshooter at the end of the night.

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