Drake Maverick Says Maria Kanellis Has Made Mockery Of WWE 24/7 Title

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Drake Maverick misses his baby. By “baby” we don’t mean his wife Renee Maverick either. Because Maria Kanellis has the WWE 24/7 Title and he’s not happy about the first-ever pregnant champion in WWE.

The former WWE 24/7 Champion recently replied to Maria Kanellis taking a shot at what he did to the title. After all, he wore it while he was in his tighty whities waiting to consummate his marriage. Maria said that she will need sanatizer now.

This didn’t sit too well with Maverick and he fired back at Kanellis saying that what he did was out of love, but she’s the one making a mockery of the title.

What I did with my baby was out of love. What you are doing is making a mockery of my most treasured possession!!

Those two are trading some serious barbs at each other. It’s interesting that R-Truth has been staying out of this one. Regardless, Raw will be very fun this week as the storyline continues.

WWE is also planning something for the WWE 24/7 Title at Summerslam so we’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of the title in the next week.


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