Seth Rollins ended up as a bloody mess last night on RAW, but the blood wasn’t external. Instead, Rollins took several violent F5s from Brock Lesnar on a steel chair and a stretcher. So Seth Rollins was coughing up blood all over the place.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how Rollins spitting up blood was “amazing” seeing how Vince McMahon literally just buried AEW in front of advertisers because they use “blood and guts” and the next week on RAW they had Seth Rollins actually spitting up blood from his guts.

“The idea was that he was coughing up blood which is amazing, because what did Vince McMahon say Thursday morning?”

Bryan Alvarez noted that this was a situation of Seth Rollins biting down on a blood packet instead, but then Meltzer asked “what about the Kevin Owens’ headbutt when Vince pre-sawed his own forehead?” He then continued to explain why Vince McMahon is a hypocrite.


“He’s a hypocrite. I mean the whole thing is that he — I guess some people would call it brilliant — but, I guess the idea is that he’s trying to go out there and get the Turner people all squeamish right away and start ‘You can’t do this and you can’t do that’ while Vince will, in fact, do that because he knows from experience during the last wrestling war when the Turner people held back Eric and he could do stuff [WCW] couldn’t and [WWE] won.”

“That isn’t the reason they won, but that is what happened. So I think [McMahon] is doing the same thing and then to go in there and go, ‘You sponsors you know you don’t want to sponsor these guys because they’re gonna be doing blood and guts’ and they’re doing the same thing.”

It was also noted that WWE’s use of blood last night was even more disturbing although it was fake. Because Dustin Rhodes just cut his forehead at Double Or Nothing and people could see where Rhodes was bleeding from. However, Seth Rollins was coughing up blood which implies a much more serious and unseen injury.

Things are going to continue getting more interesting as if they weren’t already. This pro wrestling war will hopefully bring up interest for both WWE and AEW, but you can also probably expect a lot of underhanded actions along the way including Vince McMahon’s hypocrisy.

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